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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I'm not much of a designy person, so as I have been learning some stuff on my computer I threw these together... sorta sad Ha Ha

Lets see what kind of stuff you grand masters can put together! It doesn't have to be any thing insanely complicated. It just needs to be something to get the job done. Could possibly be something very simple, but fun (done in spare time if you have any.) We are sorta trying to model this thing after the way this site was done: ComicTwart.

We should start being able to add all the artists and get our weekly themes goin' soon! :)


  1. yay! :) I need the extra push to keep working on my photography instead of forgetting about it.

  2. Ditto, and maybe try some new things too! So, when we gunna get the first one?

  3. Maybe get the first one Sunday? This coming week sounds like a good starting point.