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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself...

Jessica Hill here. I was invited by Phillip to contribute to the blog after he got in touch with me. He emailed me after he saw some of my little paintings up at MIR Gallery in the Arcade. I was impressed with his work as well and I am thrilled to meet new local talent.
I have to say- I love Nashville. I love how all of the artists here really support and encourage each other. I love how we all share things that inspire us. It's really refreshing and I think it shows in the local art scene. There are more talented artists here than I could even mention!

SO- there is my little "Hello". I will share more links and interesting things when I am not under a deadline! (I am a freelance designer and illustrator/painter who has yet to really make any money. But I love what I do!)

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