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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attention, Attention
Needs More Blue will post its first ever topic tomorrow (Sunday, August 28) if I am correct, and lets face it I am, the rules are as follows.
  1. First rule of NMB don't talk about NMB. ...(had to be done)
  2. Topics we'll be posted on Sunday at the leisure of the topic master grand extraordinaire.
  3. Topic master grand extraordinaire will be notified of there appointment by Philip or myself.
  4. You may post your submission for that week any time that week.
  5. Theoretically, submissions are "due" by Saturday. For the next topic on Sunday.
  6. Don't feel pressured. If you cant do it that week don't do it.
  7. There is no ranking system or winner." However if you are the first post that week you may proudly declare "first!"
  8. No overly nasty stuff, or stuff that my offend people.
  9. No mean comments
  10. No posting of artwork that isn't yours. (claiming others work)
See you all tomorrow!


  1. OH, and folks, when you post Title your posts with the topic and your name. thanks!