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Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Bus Stop"

"Bus Stop" Photo Manipulation Sarah Lynch

(well I mean duh. I am the overachiever...)


  1. hmm, doesn't look very structurally sound...

  2. AWESOME work, sarah! i really like the stairs and middle-of-no-where-ness.

  3. I love it, Sarah. It has that fantasy make-believe feel that I think of when tree houses come to mind. Great job! Blue in the sky looks fantastic. Did you combine a bunch of photos or what?

  4. i love the fact that the treehouse gets it's own bus stop. only thing that bothers me is how precarious it seems at the bottom. other then that, the photos blend together very well. awesome!

  5. I keep trying to comment, but I guess I can't do it on my laptop for some reason. Anyways, yes Kourtney- I combined about 10 photos, about 25 layers. Stephanye- do you think I should have added shadows or blending, like individual grass piece? I was trying to keep it surrealist but I don't know...haha just trying new things I guess!

  6. I love it baby girl. Congrats on first ever blog post!!!